About Us


LCG Energy Consultants Private Limited is a collaborative initiative of multi-disciplinary group of highly experienced energy experts, engineering professionals and entrepreneurs with the noble intentions to make the Planet Earth a cleaner and greener place to live in. The promoters belonging to all parts of the country believe that it is possible to do so by creating a culture of being Lean (consuming modestly), Clean (being efficient in use of energy and resources) and Green (using renewable energy). That is how the name of the company was decided with the first three letters of the name i.e. L, C and G standing for being Lean, Clean and Green respectively.

We are offering our services in the following core areas of expertise:

  • Energy & Resources Management Services
  • Sustainable Habitat
  • Renewable Energy Projects
  • Environment Management Services

Besides the core areas of expertise, the company has planned for chain of ‘Green Shops’ and ‘Green Ashrams’ throughout India to enable and empower people for adopting sustainable life style systems and practices.

Major business activities of LCG

The company has a vision of providing total cost effective solutions by optimum usage of energy and resources through the adoption of energy and resources conservation techniques, efficient technologies, best engineering practices, and renewable energy sources for all types of consumers.

LCG works on four thematic areas namely; energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy & environment, resource optimization and carbon footprint reduction and creation of trained people & markets.

LCG is empaneled with several state nodal agencies working in the field of energy conservation, renewable energy development and energy management. In the very near future LCG is going to be empaneled with some central govt. level organisations like BEE, PCRA, EESL etc.

We have been building up our profile and adding value to the LCG brand name consciously. This is being done by providing a very high quality of consulting services, particularly in energy efficiency segment for our esteemed clients.

Select List of Our Clients:

1)  Crompton Greaves Ltd., Mandideep

2) Hindustan Times, New Delhi

3) Birla Auditorium, Jaipur

4) AV Pharma

5)  Hindustan Motors

6) Centrum Plaza, Gurgaon

7) Arya Vaidyashala, Kerala