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The concept of ‘Green Ashram’

With the ever-increasing urbanisation and privatisation of the housing sector, everyday new projects are announced by the builders and colonisers. Further, there are group housing cooperative societies and other schemes coming up in every nook and corner of our cities and towns. However, most of such projects are being planned with hardly any thought about their impact on the environment. This is resulting in congestion, water and power problems, poor air quality etc and making our life miserable.

Today’s hectic and un-natural life style is full of stress and all of us wish to spend some time with the nature and learn how to live in harmony with the nature. Many of us would even want to spend rest of our life in an environment where we get peace of mind. Thanks to the campaigns on Climate Change and its likely adverse effects, more and more people and corporate business houses are getting interested in adopting measures to mitigate the bad effects of the climate related problems. However, a lot remains to be done in this direction.

The solution to all the problems lies in promoting sustainable living which can be achieved by looking into all aspects of development such as environmental, social and economic aspects. The concepts of ‘Green Building’,’ Sustainable Habitat’, ‘Zero Emission Homes’ etc need to be popularized at much faster rate. There is a need to create a mass awareness level and cadre for taking these concepts to implementation stage.

Further, due to increased awareness about the need and benefits of sustainable ways of living the demand for environment friendly concepts, products and services is increasing every day. However, there is a huge supply gap to effectively meet the demand. There are several issues yet to be sorted out about successful adoption of green practices. The lack of confidence on genuineness of the products and missing marketing and after sales network for ‘Green Products’ are some of the issues which need to be addressed.

With this background, LCG Energy Consultants Pvt.Ltd. has conceived the idea of starting a chain of “Green Ashrams’ with the following key objectives:

1. Demonstration & Training on Sustainable Concepts

2. Promotion of Green technologies and practices

3. Promotion of ‘Eco-tourism’ and ‘Eco-citizenship’

4. To support government schemes and programmes for development of rural areas

In order to streamline the availability of all green products and services, “Green Ashrams” would also show case and popularize such concepts, products and services to create supply chain. The ‘Green Ashrams’ will also have facilities for exhibition/training g/conference halls etc. for demonstration, and awareness/education programmes.

The “Green Ashrams’ would be planned in Villages Thus; the participants would not only get to learn the green concepts and live in sustainable environment but would also get a chance to serve the under-privileged.

The concept would finally lead to development of sustainable habitat and help mitigate the threats due to the climate changes.