Recognising the need for a meaningful platform for interaction between those who are looking for solutions to specific energy problems or any type of assistance and those who are competent enough to help or provide solutions, we have stated ‘Energy Efficiency E-Exchange (LCG-4E)’.

LCG-4E, presently at its nascent stage, is a visionary business model which is going to change the face of consulting services through providing a platform to all stakeholders related to energy and environment sector for focused, low cost and speedy consulting solutions.

How it operates?

  • LCG-4E is a global secretariat for energy and environment consulting solutions. The web enabled forum maintains a comprehensive list of services providers, who would be available for various professional services.
  • The standard rates of services are pre-agreed and signed off with the company.
  • Business development is carried out through common publicity by various media tools by the company. The assignment is booked in the name of the company.
  • Based on the requirements from the prospective clients, software enabled matching for short-listing of service providers is done.
  • The business opportunity is intimated to the short-listed service providers and thereafter the assignment is delegated to the service provider who give their consent to execute it within the limitations/timelines etc of that particular assignment.
  • LCG charges only 20% of the fee, the balance being the share of the service provider.
  • If the assignment requires the involvement of more than one service provider, team approach with clear cut roles and responsibilities are drafted, signed-off for that particular assignment.

What types of services are offered under ‘LCG-4E?’

The following services related to energy management are covered under LCG-4E:

  1. Solution to specific engineering problems requiring in-depth study / field study of energy efficiency measures recommended.
  2. Field measurements assistance/ instruments on hire
  3. Peer review of reports and suggestions for improvements
  4. Preparation of tenders and participation in the tender meetings
  5. Preparation of detailed specifications of equipment/systems needed to be ordered for implementation of energy saving measures
  6. Obtaining offers from suppliers/tender discussions
  7. Inspection, site supervision of erection, testing and commissioning
  8. Third party certification of performance/savings achieved.
  9. Making available Codes/Standards/Reports etc. for reference

10.  Any other services as per specific request from the client.

What is the liability of LCG Energy Consultants Pvt. Ltd.?

The company facilitates the services and work as an exchange platform. It does not take any liability for the solution/service provided. The same shall be the responsibility of the concerned solution/service provider.

Benefits of joining ‘LCG-4E’

In addition to the common benefits of publicity and professional growth, all LCG-4E members are provided free help for accreditation and any other legal assistance required with BEE and other govt. and non-govt. agencies.

How to join ‘LCG-4E’

All CEAs/CEMs are eligible to join ‘LCG-4E’ team. Interested? Write to us for further details..