Energy & Resources Management

Walk-through, Preliminary & Detailed Energy Audit

Investment Grade Energy Audit, Power Quality Audit

Electrical Audit/Thermal Audit, Safety Audit, Water Audit

Demand Side Management

Energy Surveys & Plans, Peer review of reports

Monitoring, Verification and Certification of energy savings

Procurement & Implementation for Energy Efficiency Projects

Consultancy for reduction in Transmission & Distribution Losses


Sustainable Development Services

Preparation of  Sustainable Development Policy and Plans for Industrial and Commercial Units

Evaluation and Certification of Sustainable Development Projects and Activities

Advisory Services for Sustainable Habitat Design Including Site Selection and Development

Advisory Services for Policy & Regulatory Mechanism for Sustainable Urban Development

Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering and Project Management Services for Sustainable Buildings for Residential and Commercial Projects


New & Renewable Energy

Feasibility Reports and Detailed Project Reports for establishment of manufacturing units and projects based on New & Renewable Energy based technologies

Marketing consultancy for Solar Energy Based products

Development and Commercialization of new products based on New & Renewable Energy


Environment Management

Municipal Liquid & Solid Waste Management

Waste Water Treatment

Effluent Treatments Plants

Cost-effective Air-Pollution Control Systems Design

Alternative Air-conditioning Systems Design

Natural Cooling Design & Implementation

Environment Audit

Comprehensive Environment Management Plans